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Crimson Skies
28 February 2014

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27 September 2010

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Inconceivable antiquity
16 September 2010

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Road to the Inside
1 September 2010

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Looking heavenwards
18 July 2010

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Happy Birthday Simbha
26 January 2010

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A tribute to the King
26 June 2009

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Rising Sun
16 March 2009

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13 February 2009

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Since 1899
9 January 2009

Recent Comments

ashok on Pylons in Life
very nice...wer exactly is this? (btw, its a very difficult process to leave a comment here)

Kalyan on Pylons in Life
Nice capture....lovely shot!

Marhuthi on Pylons in Life
Nice capture

Katalog Stron on Pylons in Life
nice image,exellent compo,bravo

Celine on Room with nature
Beautiful! Outdoors, nature is company enough for me too...

Celine on Room with nature
Beautiful! Outdoors, nature is company for me.

magiceye on Room with nature

magiceye on Pylons in Life

Larry Elkins on Belief

Soheil on Belief
nice photo well done

magiceye on Poems on Nature

Shahryar on Poems on Nature
beautiful capture :)

magiceye on Cloud roll
this is lovely!

magiceye on Art Gallery?

magiceye on Nature's way
lush green

magiceye on Of natural law
varied shades of green!

Larry Elkins on Love-lawn
Lovely scene

magiceye on Bud & Bloom

magiceye on Breathless

magiceye on Mud-luscious

magiceye on Barefoot & Moonless

magiceye on Resignation
grass is sure greener on the other side!!

magiceye on Infinitude
lovely landscape

magiceye on Obey Nature
love the greenery

magiceye on Mysterious Woods
beautiful place

magiceye on Odd Discovery
a bit more contrast would have enhanced the image..

magiceye on Cheerlights from Heaven

magiceye on Driving into Nature
would love to go for a long walk there!

magiceye on Wonder World
lush green......

Ajay on Vernal woods & the mist
There is something in the fog and makes this valleys so beautiful. The combination of hills and fog is deadly. :-)

magiceye on Road to Heaven
coldly mysterious :)

Sriraam Kalingarayar on Road to Heaven
Beautiful.. Very misty and mysterious

DowsherVision on A walk in the clouds
très belle image !!!

Barath on A walk in the clouds
Quite true

Shahryar on A walk in the clouds
beautiful capture :)

Pavan Kaul on Gift of the Gods
Wonderful misty scene...well done!

don on Gift of the Gods
I like the appealing curves in the terrain and the fog which enhances the entire shot. Very nice image.

Sarito on Gift of the Gods
Wonderful shot.. just makes you wonder what is beyound the mist..

Becky on Songs of bliss
I'm trying to figure out if that is grass or a kind of field. It's like clumps of grass? Pretty shot.

BOCCONE CLAIRE on Songs of bliss
J'aime beaucoup ces couleurs! Amitiés de France:CLAIRE

don on Songs of bliss
A fine landscape with novel coloring which makes the scene very distinctive. Well done.

Becky on Heaven & Earth
Beautiful image - the clouds so powerful - just gorgeous. Great blogs to by the way. : )

Jyoti on Heaven & Earth

Bettina on Heaven & Earth
Hi! Beautiful image. I love how the clouds hold on to the hillside mountains. It's a wonderful quote and I ...

jabblog on Happy Birthday Simbha
Happy Birthday, Simbha. What a happy dog you are :-)

Anya on Forests echo with laughter
Unique green shot !! So peaceful..... Successsss with your photo blog :-)

Srujan Chennupati on Forests echo with laughter
Nice shot, Rakesh.

Srujan Chennupati on Majestic
Good landscape shot, Rakesh.

Leena on Shades of bliss
Oh, green - beautiful green! We have to wait for it until next May. Happy 2010 to you!

Srujan Chennupati on Shades of bliss
nice shot.

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